The Sales Representatives module was created specifically for the needs of the business to track the mandatory daily, weekly or monthly visits of merchants to the sites assigned to them.


Automated planning of the optimal route, with set criteria:

Number of cars / sales representatives

Many destinations

Number and type of goods / purpose of the visit

Control and management of transport resources, statistics of parameters such as:

Visited addresses / sites;

Manually set minimum fixed downtime for each site

Distance traveled – in kilometers and visual presentation (track)

Fuel and consumable consumption.

Contains a harmonized address GeoBase, structured for the purposes of different ERP / CRM systems.

Provides real-time information

Navigation of drivers via mobile devices

Individual approach to your specific business needs

Reduces fuel costs by up to 30%.


ZiGO is your solution for effective control and optimization of transport resources management with 24/7 access for desktop and tablets.