The maintenance of the software, its technical serviceability and the possibility of trouble-free operation is of a key importance and priority for us. We provide easy access to our technical department for timely intervention if necessary.



Our Ticket system is a remote form of contact with the support department. In case of questions and need for assistance, our technical department is available. We will provide you with detailed feedback.


You can contact us by phone or e-mail:
+359 878 401 662 support@zigo.bg



What are the stages of integration?

The stages can be different depending on the business process in your organization and the need for integration with different ERP / CRM systems.

The main steps we go through are the following:

Delivery and installation of GPS equipment;

Training of employees;

Settings and initial data recording;

Launch of pilot use of ZiGO;

Additional settings;

Start with real operation;

How long does the integration process take?

Each integration process is unique and varies according to the complexity and scale of your business.
It depends on the number of cars you operate and the specific settings and developments that your business may need.

On average, integration takes between 1 to 5 weeks.



For your convenience, our technical department is available to provide a full-time training course on working with the software.

For more information you can contact us by phone or e-mail:

+359 878 401 662 support@zigo.bg